A waterfall of knowledge, flowing spontaneously expressed its desire to spread the fragrance of knowledge to all. This was the birth of Gnyana Sangha - a small waterfall slowly grew into a strong stream.

Anyone who is thirsty for knowledge always finds relief in the ancient wisdom of the masters. This beautiful ancient wisdom has benefited many sincere seekers. Many experienced the natural spontaneous sprouting of the desire to help others and chose to be mediums for bringing relief to restless souls.

Slowly the stream became a cascading river gushing towards the ocean to merge with the vast oneness. Come join this gushing river with Ekta Bathija, a senior international Art of Living faculty who has been sharing the ancient scriptural knowledge since 1998. Ever ready to hold the hand of a sincere seeker and guide him/her on the spiritual path, inspired by the wisdom from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Ekta helps us dive into the vast ocean of the SELF.

Come be a part of this Sangha!
Every shining face beaming with the glow of knowledge invites you to come flow in knowledge.