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Anguttara Nikaya

  • The Book of the Tens (Dasakanipata)

    Sutta I.I-Benefits Sutta I.II-Protector Sutta I.III-The Great Chapter Sutta I.IV-Upali Sutta I.V-Insults
    Sutta II.I-One's Own Mind Sutta II.II-Pairs Sutta II.III-Wish Sutta II.IV-The Elders Sutta II.V-Upali
    Sutta III.I-An Ascetic's Perceptions Sutta III.II-Paccorohani Sutta III.III-Purified Sutta III.IV-Good Sutta III.V-Noble
    Sutta IV.I-Persons Sutta IV.II-Janussoni Sutta IV.III-Good Sutta IV.IV-Noble Path Sutta IV.V-Another Chapter on Persons
    Sutta V.I-The Deed-Born Body Sutta V.II-Similarity Sutta V.III-Lust and So Forth Repetition Series

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