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Anguttara Nikaya

  • The Book of the Fours (Catukkanipata)

    Sutta I.I-Bhandagama Sutta I.II-Walking Sutta I.III-Uruvela Sutta I.IV-The Wheel Sutta I.V-Rohitassa
    Sutta II.I-Streams of Merit Sutta II.II-Worthy Deeds Sutta II.III-Unmistakable Sutta II.IV-Unshakable Sutta II.V-Asuras
    Sutta III.I-Clouds Sutta III.II-Kesi Sutta III.III-Perils Sutta III.IV-Persons Sutta III.V-Splendors
    Sutta IV.I-Faculties Sutta IV.II-Modes of Practice Sutta IV.III-Volitional Sutta IV.IV-Brahmins Sutta IV.V-The Great Chapter
    Sutta V.I-The Good Person Sutta V.II-Adornments of the Assembly Sutta V.III-Good Conduct Sutta V.IV-Kamma Sutta V.V-Perils of Offenses
    Sutta V.VI-Direct Knowledge Sutta V.VII-Courses of Kamma Sutta V.VIII-Lust and So Forth Repetition Series

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