Bhagwad Gita

"Take the middle path, this is the essence of the Bhagwad Gita. It is easy to swing to extremes in life, but it takes wisdom to adopt the middle path. That is what spirituality is all about. Once you are centered, then you become equanimous with everything. Whatever has to happen will happen. Now you understand that things happen through the cosmic law." - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Bhagwad Gita is a 5000-year-old conversation between Lord Krishna and the warrior prince, Arjuna. Though delivered amidst a battlefield, it is ripe with practical life-transforming solutions for challenges faced on a daily basis. Consisting of 18 chapters and 700 verses, the chapter-wise explanation of the Bhagwad Gita and its timeless wisdom has inspired many to adopt "the middle path".

Every chapter touches various aspects of our lives.

Chapter 01: Arjuna Vishaad Yoga
This chapter depicts the growing dejection of Arjuna, as he fears losing friends and relatives as a consequence of war.

Chapter 02: Samkhya Yoga
The second chapter is called ‘Samkhya Yoga’. Samkhya Yoga means awareness. In this chapter, Lord Krishna helps Arjuna understand through knowledge and awareness the essence of 'Who am I?'.

Chapter 03: Karma Yoga
Krishna explains how Karma yoga, i.e. performance of action without attachment to results, is the appropriate course of action.

Chapter 04: Gnyana Yoga
It emphasizes that this knowledge of self-realization is not new and has been known for generations. Krishna reveals that he has lived through many births, always teaching yoga for the protection of the pious; the destruction of the impious and stresses the importance of accepting a guru.

Chapter 05: Karma Sanyaas/Vairagya Yoga
This chapter depicts the Yoga of renunciation of actions.

Chapter 06: Dhyana Yoga
Here the difficulties of the mind and the techniques by which mastery of the mind might be gained are explained.

Chapter 07: Gnyana Vignyana Yoga
Krishna describes the absolute reality; the journey from "science to SELF", "limited to unlimited" is explained.

Chapter 08: Brahma Akshara Yoga
Importance of the last thought before death; differences between material and spiritual worlds; light and dark paths that a soul takes after death are described here in detail.

Chapter 09: Raja Vidya Raja Guhya Yoga
Krishna explains how His eternal energy pervades, creates, preserves and destroys the entire universe. This chapter is considered to be the sacred royal knowledge kept as a royal secret. Krishna says only the eligible are revealed of this knowledge.

Chapter 10: Vibhuti Yoga
Here Lord Krishna is described as the ultimate cause of all material and spiritual existence. Nothing is beyond him.

Chapter 11: Vishwaroopa darshan
On Arjuna's request, Lord Krishna displays his "universal form" (Vishvarupa). The Lord shows Arjuna his form of emitting the radiance of a thousand suns, containing all other beings and materials in existence. He is present everywhere, in everything and everyone; everything and everyone is in HIM. There is nothing beyond Him.

Chapter 12: Bhakti Yoga
Having spoken to Arjuna on different aspects of life, Lord Krishna talks about the importance of bhakti (devotion).

Chapter 13: Kshetra Vibhaga Yoga
This chapter talks about the difference between the physical body and the immortal soul which is described as field (the body) and the knower of the field (the soul). The entire chapter is an inquisitive description of attaining the Supreme Self and culminates by asserting that the fruit of knowing the true nature of Supreme Self is moksha or liberation.

Chapter 14: Guna Traya Vibhaga Yoga
Lord Krishna explains the difference between purusha and prakriti, by mapping human experiences to three Guṇas (tendencies, qualities). These are listed as sattva, rajas and tamas. All phenomenon and individual personalities are a combination of all three gunas in varying and ever-changing proportions. It is explained beautifully in this chapter as how the gunas affect the ego, but not the soul.

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