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Buddha Online sabbatical retreat for first-timers
[beginners only]

This will be a weekend Buddha meditation online retreat for those who have completed the Buddha Beginners semester 1 curriculum. Everyone meditates in their own timezone. Please enroll only if the below mandatory arrangements are possible.

Instructions (mandatory):
  • You will have to find a room where you can isolate yourself for 2.5 days.
    It is a difficult retreat for many to remain in isolation for 2.5 days so please register only if this is possible for you.
  • It is best that nobody enters the room where you isolate yourself for 2.5 days.
    Also you do not exit the room for the 2.5 days either unless there is a yard/garden attached to walk
  • Please make arrangements for someone to serve you Breakfast, lunch, dinner by placing it outside your door at 8:30 am/12 noon/6pm.
    No interaction/no communication during the meal placements at all.
  • Avoid human contact completely for the 2.5 days.
  • Participants will be meditating all day from 7am to 10pm all day on their own in their rooms isolated from family for 2.5 days starting Friday evening at 7pm.
  • It is a silent meditation retreat where you get a chance to ask meditation questions to the teacher on a daily basis on Zoom.
  • This is a no sound meditation retreat so please keep all gadgets away from you for the 2.5 days of the retreat.
  • Though we will have a Zoom session, no email will be sent to you.
    There is no need to log into your email account at all. We will provide you with a recurring Zoom meeting link. Please save it on a text document on your desktop.
    You will have to use the same Zoom link for your 1:1 every day.

Agenda/Dates: Sep 25th - 27th
Spots are limited to provide everyone a fair chance to receive sufficient time for individual meditation mentorship. First come first serve basis.

If interested, please provide your information below:

Email Id:
Have you completed Buddha Basic and Semester 1 [11 videos]:
Will you be able to isolate yourself for 2.5 continuous days?

Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!