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Recommended sequence for Buddha's courses

Ready for Buddha yet?

The Path of Buddha is of self-experience. Buddha always said, "Know it by your own experience. Do not just believe it because it is told by someone, not even by Buddha".

Many practitioners of Buddha's time had walked the spiritual path and failed, they realized that despite their meditative efforts, their minds still succumbed to negativity. This negative mind was 'suffering' in itself. The cause of suffering lies within oneself and has nothing to do with the external world. If you have realized that your own mind needs to be purified first and you are ready for the strictest self-discipline, jump onto the bandwagon of Buddha.

Buddha's original teachings are explanations through Suttas.

Here is a curriculum that is recommended for a sincere practitioner who prefers structure so as to not feel lost in the vast ocean of Buddha's teachings.

Structured Sutta reading Courses:

  • [Step 1] Buddha Basics - Explanation videos to help one gain a foothold in the basic principles used in Buddha's Suttas.
  • [Step 2] Buddha Level 1 - Buddha's suttas for how a householder can strive for a suffering-free mind.
  • [Step 3] Buddha Level 2 - Buddha retreatants learn Buddha's mindfulness techniques for 'observing reality as it is' and the corresponding Suttas.
  • [Step 4] Buddha Level 3 - Buddha retreatants learn Buddha's Jhanas and the corresponding Suttas.
  • [Step 5] Buddha Level 4 - Buddha retreatants bring into daily practice the principles of 'cessation of suffering' and the corresponding Suttas.

Unstructured sutta reading Format:

Suttas with video explanations are also available in the individual book links on the My Courses page for the benefit of those who know their way around already in this vast ocean of teachings. Please be advised some videos are yet to be uploaded.

  • Anguttara Nikaya
  • Majjhima Nikaya
  • Digha Nikaya
  • Samyutta Nikaya

More about Buddha:

It was predicted about Siddhārtha Gautama, the royal prince of Kapilavastu, that he would become either a great king or a great ascetic. Therefore his father enveloped him in royal pleasures, shielded him from religious teachings and knowledge of human suffering to avoid any exposure towards asceticism. Despite his father's efforts, Siddhartha encountered an old man, a diseased man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic. He became pensive and strove to overcome ageing, sickness, and death by living the life of an ascetic. He quit his palace for the life of an ascetic. Read more..

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Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!