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Steps for a Successful Knowledge Session
  1. To access the knowledge sessions, ensure you are signed up and logged in.
  2. Read the Knowledge Session Guidelines.
  3. Watch Ekta's discussion video.
  4. Revise from the book.
  5. Do the homework and answer quiz.
  6. Send questions [if any] using chat window.
Structured Sessions: Buddha Beginners-Level 1-Anapana
Structured Sessions: Buddha Intermediate-Level 2-Satipatthana
Structured Sessions: Buddha Advanced-Level 3-Jhanas
Structured Sessions: Buddha Experts-Level 4-Metta
Structured Sessions: Buddha Masters-Level 5-Shunyata
Majjhima Nikaya
Digha Nikaya
Anguttara Nikaya
Samyutta Nikaya
Khudakka Nikaya - The Suttanipata
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