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January-December, 2018

  •   Jan 26th-28th
      Advaita Amrita Upanishad - Aurora, IL, USA
  •   Feb 2nd-4th
      Bhagwad Gita - Karma Yoga - Phoenix, AZ, USA
  •   March 16th-18th
      Bhagwad Gita - Gnyana Yoga - Urbana, IL, USA
  •   July 13th-15th
      Ashtavakra Gita special [Session 1]
      Cincinnati, OH, USA
  •   October 19th-21st
      Bhagwad Gita Chapter 14 - Dallas, TX, USA
  •   October 26th-28th
      Japji Sahib [Hindi] - Houston, TX, USA
  •   November 2nd-4th
      Happiness Program - Springfield, IL, USA
  •   November 9th-11th
      Are you a KarmaYogi? or a GnyanaYogi? or a Bhakt?
      Cincinnati, OH, USA
  •   November 16th-25th
      Buddha Session - Carlinville, IL, USA

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