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Frequently Asked Questions

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Gnyana Sangha website can be accessed in the following modes.

Animated mode:

Non-Animated mode:

Hint: Animation can be turned on and off depending on bandwidth.
Navigation for The Paths:

The Paths:
- The Vedic Path
- The Path of Buddha
- The Path of Advaita
- Individual Spirituality Paths

Each path has:
- Course Sequence with description of corresponding scriptures.
- My Courses containing videos, quizzes, homework, tests, etc.

WATCH videos on:
- Video Snippets
- Youtube

READ spiritual wisdom on:
- Knowledge Tidbits
- Blog
- Testimonials

ATTEND a live knowledge session with Ekta:
- Calendar
Sign-up Steps for First Time user:

Step 1] Navigate to
Step 2] Click on "Sign Up" option.

Step 3] Fill your details.
Step 4] Click "Sign Up".

Login steps for Returning user: [First time users must sign up]

Step 1] Navigate to
Step 2] Click on "Login" option.

Step 3] Fill your details.
Step 4] Click "Login".

Enrollment for courses:

You must enroll for each course individually following the steps below:

Step 1] Navigate to
Step 2] Sign up or Log in
Step 3] Select the Path from the Menu

Step 4] Click on "My Courses".
Step 5] Click on your desired course. You will be redirected to one of the Enroll pages (shown below) based on your selected path.

Step 6] Scroll down on the page and Click on Enroll Option.

Step 7] You will be redirected to Enrolment confirmation page.
Step 8] Click on Access button to view contents of your course.

List of courses open for Enrollment:

The Vedic Path
- Patanjali Yoga Sutras
- Narada Bhakti Sutras
- Bhagwad Gita
- Yoga Vasistha

The Path of Buddha
- Buddha Beginners
- Buddha Advanced
- Buddha Experts

The Path of Advaita
- Ashtavakra Gita
- Upanishads

Individual Spirituality Paths
- Japji Sahib
- Ramana Maharshi

Upcoming Courses not yet open for Enrollment:
- Sant Kabir
Accessing course videos:

To access a course, enrollment is mandatory.

Step 1] Navigate to
Step 2] Select the Path from the Menu.

Step 3] Click on "My Courses".
Step 4] Click on the course you have enrolled into.
You will be redirected to respective curriculum.

The list of courses available for access are listed in the ‘How to Enroll’ section.
Is there a fee for signup on the website?

Is there a fee for online courses?

Is there a fee for in-person events with Ekta?

Is there a fee for residential retreats with Ekta?
No. There is no fee for the retreat but you will have to pay for your accommodation and food to the venue.

I would like to contribute to Gnyana Sangha, how can I do that?
Please email [email protected]
What is the eligibility criteria to join these courses?
They are open to all.

What is the duration of the course?
You decide when you start and when you finish. You can do it at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?
You have unlimited access to all the courses across all devices you own.
Pre-requisites for walking the spiritual path are:

A strong spiritual thirst for the highest Truth…

A longing to know the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’…
Intensity of efforts and authenticity of commitment for the Truth…

Understanding well that a cooking spoon does not know the taste of the food, similarly scriptures only prepare you for the path but cannot taste Enlightenment for you...

Understanding that nobody can give you Enlightenment on a plate…

Having the courage to WALK the path on your own.

Ekla Chalo re…
Why can’t I access a course?
You must login for accessing courses.

Why can’t I login?
You must sign up to login.

Why is sign up required?
The website design helps users keep an account of how many videos they have watched. It also helps users how much percentage of each video they have watched. This ability needs an account creation.

Is there a sequence for various courses?
Find the Recommended Course Sequence under each specific path.

Can I enroll in multiple courses from multiple paths?
Yes you can.

I am having login/sign up/access issues, can you help?
Please use the ‘Leave a message’ widget.
Is it mandatory to answer quizzes, write exams and submit homework?
They are optional. Treat them like a revision/review/self study to gauge your own progress on the spiritual path.

Can I write the exams in my native language (other than English)?

If I don’t understand something, can I contact Ekta to learn more?
Yes, please email [email protected]

I need individual meditation mentorship, how can that happen?
Please email [email protected]

Am I eligible to attend an in-person Buddha retreat with Ekta?
Completion of Buddha Level 1 curriculum is the pre-requisite for attending the in-person retreat. Once completed, please email [email protected]
If I have questions regarding website access, password issues, what should I do?
Option 1] Email [email protected]
Option 2] Use the chat window (Leave a message).
Responses sent within 2 days (excludes holidays and weekends).

What if I have questions regarding the scriptures?
Step 1] Visit the QA blog - Ancient Wisdom Pearls. Most common questions have already been answered on the blog.
Step 2] If a spiritual/scriptural question persists, please email [email protected]
Do I need to buy any scriptural books to use as reference to follow videos?
Most course videos are accompanied by the Sutra pdfs except:
Ramana Maharshi - ‘Be as you are’ by David Godman.

How can I get regular updates on upcoming events?
Please email [email protected]

Why am I not receiving emails from Gnyana Sangha?
Mark Gnyana Sangha emails as ‘Not Spam’ to receive all emails regularly.

How can I attend live events with Ekta?
Information about all upcoming sessions can be viewed on the Calendar page of this website.

Leave your mind alone, It will quieten itself! Meditate!