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Essence of Gnyana Sangha

Who am I?
Where are these thoughts coming from?
What is the mind?
Is it controlling me or am I in control?

Have you ever thought on these lines? May be not! Why?

Immersed in day to day activities, seeking endlessly, trying to get to our 'dream destination', running a blind race that never reaches the goal post, we miss out on LIFE!

Tired of this race yet? Developed a desire to stop to find your true SELF? If yes, then you qualify to join us in the journey to Self-Realization!

Word of caution - This journey is only for the sincere spiritual seeker not for a casual passer-by who views it as spiritual entertainment because intense SPIRITUAL RESEARCH can be detrimental to the health of the Maaya of a leisure seeker.

Inspired by the ancient wisdom imparted by Gurus (both past and present)..., Ekta helps us dive into the vast ocean of the SELF.
Come dive within!