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Recommended sequence for Individual Spirituality courses

Individual Spirituality simply means paths discovered individually by Saints of yesteryears. Some of them attained Enlightenment on their own without the aid of any external influence like a teacher or a teaching. There is no sequence to be followed here but each scripture will definitely add a flavor to your spiritual pallete and inspire you to fathom the potentiality within to carve your own path to awakening. Keep walking!

Japji Sahib

The ripe one naturally experiences a natural Fountain of Love well up from within from time to time. This is a clear indication that one is now ready for diving into the ‘Romance with the Consciousness’. The blossoming of love for the Divine is called Bhakti. Guru Nanak Sahib emphasizes Bhakti [Devotion] as a path to recognize and surrender to the Divine will or Cosmic law. Read more..

Sant Kabir

Kabir was a Saint who taught through his mystic poems in Avadhi and Braj dialects of old Hindi language in the 15th century. His poems are addressed to the ‘Love for Reality’. Similar to Buddha’s teachings, his poems point to the path of self-righteousness and oneness with all beings. Kabir says that God is with the one who is pure in heart and loving with all. Read more..

Ramana Maharshi’s direct path of Self- Enquiry

In the life-span of spiritual seeking, one naturally matures to a stage of absolute authenticity in his spiritual search. One reaches a threshold where glimpses of clarity appear and disappear. These glimpses give birth to a natural withdrawal from the bouquet of external techniques. One's attention naturally moves from the practice towards the practitioner. If this has happened to you, dive into self-enquiry and find home. Read more..

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