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Knowledge Tidbit


The reason why you are born is your own ‘Ego’.

The reason you die, is also because of your ‘Ego’.

The reason why you go from one lifetime to another is ‘Ego’.

Thus it is very clear that the way out of this bondage of
birth-death-birth-death-birth death cycle is to be able to

‘Surrender the Ego’.


Who is ready for the Guru?
The one who has wandered in the Samsaara and realized that:
- I am tired of my own self.
- I have thought & thought without getting anywhere.I am tired of my own thinking.
- Now I am ready to let go of myself.I am ready to surrender to your will.
Such a Ripe soul instantly unites with the Guru and easily moves towards GOD.

Who is NOT ready for the Guru?
The one who has not understood himself well and feels:
- I am very intelligent and know it all.
- I can serve the people as well as the Guru because I am the doer.
Such Raw souls need to wander a little more in this Samsaara
to understand themselves.Even if a Raw soul goes to the Guru,
he will NEVER really unite with the MASTER as his own Ego becomes an invisible wall.
Are you ripe or raw?


Hell and Heaven are not geographical places dear.

There is a heaven in your mind state when
you learn to be at peace with whatever is in life.
There is a hell in your mind state when
you just fight and struggle with whatever is in life.

The more you learn to ‘just be’,
the clearer it becomes what is the actual state of your mind.

The more you learn to ‘just be’,
the clearer it becomes how the flow is directing you actually.

Only by ‘just being’, can one get to ‘calmness’ not ‘by struggle’.
Shanta bhava!


Open up your sails! Let go of the oars!
Permit the winds to direct you naturally to the shores.
Stop making useless efforts from your side.
If you go against the winds then you will have to work harder and
all you will get is fatigue.

Embrace the flow. Surrender with open arms.
You will find that TRUTH that you are looking for…..
because the TRUTH is not in effort….

It is in effortlessness!


An object may seem beautiful to those eyes
that have only learnt to judge and label.

The wise eyes go beyond judgment and learn to JUST BE with what is!

Because whatever is, is bound to
lead to Dukkha once labeled as good or bad.

What is, IS!


Work hard every moment of your life to make

‘silence’ as your last impression of this lifetime!


Just like a small child needs several
repetitions of the discipline, so does the mind.

Be a patient mother to your own mind.
If the mind slips, gather yourself and
keep trudging the path of spiritual knowledge.

You will succeed if you are 100% committed to
your own spiritual progress above everything else!


This entire universe is an echo.

You sow a flower, blossoms are showered on you.

You sow a thorn, you are blessed with a shower of thorns.

You send out an insult, it returns one day.

You give a compliment, sweet words come to you manifold.

You are the maker of your own life.
What kind of a life have you made?


When the glass is full, whatever you put in, will flow away.
When the heart is full of emotion, there is no room for knowledge dear.

That’s why knowledge is not working for you right now.
Don’t push it! Instead drown in your emotion, become ONE with it.
Don’t act on it as it will be an emotional decision that you might regret later.

Burn in the emotion until the emotion itself burns out.
When the glass is empty, knowledge will find room automatically.


Who fears death?

One who considers ‘matter’ as everything fears death.

Who transcends death?

One who realizes that life is the formless energy that is
within and outside matter transcends the fear of death.


Who fears death?

One who considers ‘matter’ as everything fears death.

Who transcends death?

One who realizes that life is the formless energy that is
within and outside matter transcends the fear of death.


Being aware at the time of death' is the secret code to Moksha!

For an ‘unenlightened soul’, birth and death
both happen in a ‘deep sleep state devoid of awareness’.

Because of this lack of awareness,
one is stuck in the vicious cycle of birth-death-birth-death.

The key to liberation is ‘awareness’.


What is the purpose of this existence?
Why are we here?
How did we come here in the first place?
And how to get out of this vicious cycle?

Not everyone has the courage to search for the true answers because
not everyone has the patience and courage required for these ultimate questions!


Be committed to being happy come what may –

Promise yourself to not let anybody’s thoughts steal your moments of peace!

Every time a thought bothers you, just take a
deep breath in and surrender it through the ‘Out breath’
and say to yourself,

'Not my circus, not my monkeys!'.


Why do you not know the ‘True YOU’?
Because you have not researched yourSELF at the level of the spirit.

Scriptural wisdom from Ancient Sages provide
guidance on how to start this Research through Meditation.

Meditate and find yourSelf!


In the beginning of concentration practice, the mind will
shuttle between noise and silence. Being determined and consistent
is the only formula to immerse in silence completely.
To overcome lifetimes of noise, takes patience.
Keep diving into silence again and again.
Only silence can get you there, not noise, not sounds!
Recognize the noise in the mind that pulls you our of silence.

Surrender it and dive into silence again.It is going to be a scuffle for a while.

Agree to be with it! In its own time Silence becomes one's nature.

There is no other shortcut!


Are you asking why is all this happening?
It's all Karma dear. When everything was good also it was Karma.
When its not so good also it is Karma.

We must all go through what we have attracted into our lives.
Every one gets exactly what one attracts. This is the Law Of Attraction.
You would not get a problem that you cannot solve.
You can manage it so it has come to you.
Just gather the courage and do the right thing dear,
act where you are required to act.
Then leave the results of that action to the Universe.

The Universe always has a better plan!


Life is a school.We all are here to learn some lessons. There are
several classrooms - relationship class, career class, social class, etc.

Every day is a new lesson.Those who pass the lessons
move towards graduation and never have to repeat them.
Some don’t learn so well and need repetition.
A birthday is a reminder that ‘X’ no of years ago,
you were sent back into the classes that you failed.
Failure was because of some ‘Raaga’ or ‘Dvesha’
from your previous lifetime.

Work on getting of your 'Raagas' and 'Dveshas',
come out with flying colors!


You cannot train your mind
to not think of a certain thing.


Thought is not separate from mind.


When you realize the Supreme Truth,
everything will still be there.

But you will have attained the highest dispassion towards it all.

You will remain untouched like a lotus in water.

You will rise beyond all attachments automatically!


When you realize the Supreme Truth,
everything will still be there.

But you will have attained the highest dispassion towards it all.

You will remain untouched like a lotus in water.

You will rise beyond all attachments automatically!


Niyati or Universe or God is
the postman that brings to you what is due.

They are not responsible for it.
It is your own Karmaphalam [fruit of action/thought].


Why do you not meditate?
Because it still has not become your own experience that
meditation will bring the absolute peace that you are thirsting for.

If you knew that it is the ultimate answer,
the sole purpose of life,
the only goal worth striving for,
why would you not wake up in the morning and meditate?
You definitely would!


Why do you not meditate?
Because it still has not become your own experience that
meditation will bring the absolute peace that you are thirsting for.

If you knew that it is the ultimate answer,
the sole purpose of life,
the only goal worth striving for,
why would you not wake up in the morning and meditate?
You definitely would!


Every Guru teaches you to
do your own Purushartha/self effort.

The effort is required as the
mind does not easily follow everything that the Guru is teaching.

Once you recognize that
you are separate from the Mind,
you can easily tame this wicked fox....
all you need is Purushartha!


This life is nothing but a figment of your own imagination.

You created all this paraphernalia out of
'desiring' in your previous lifetime.

Whatever you are experiencing as people/situations/objects,
are all but a dream!


Only when you are completely awakened in the waking state,
awareness moves to the dreaming state and

Only when you attain the awakening in the dreaming state,
will it move to the deep sleep state.

It's a natural process.


The effort is NOT in dropping anything.

The only effort is in
stopping the GAME OF FAKE and waking up!


Maaya is all that which can be measured like
name, fame, power, relationships, money, etc.

Maayi is that which cannot be measured like love, peace, joy, contentment.

Maaya makes one believe that
Life is about ‘attainment’ of material.

Maayi cannot be attained.
Maayi happens automatically when one overcomes Maaya!


You cannot cut the mind with the mind.
If something needs to be done,
it has to be done at another level.

The only way out is to train your emotional body to
drop the Raagas[like] and Dveshas[dislike].

Let go of feverishness of ‘want’ and ‘not want’
that you have harbored in your heart.

Once you release the feverishness,
the thoughts of like and dislike will also drop.


Your consciousness is a flame.
Your body is the wick of the candle.
Your karma is the wax. Until the karma is there,
the flame will keep burning.

When the karma is exhausted,
the flame will leave the wick.


There cannot be something that is
selectively your creation and selectively not your creation.
This is not true.

This is just a lie that your mind will tell you.
Don't believe it. Otherwise
you will waste another lifetime in the same nonsense.

The truth is,
'Everything that you have in life right now is
the product of your own past karma.'


Somewhere deep down
you know the truth that
it is all FAKE.

But the fear in you
does NOT let you accept its futility!


How should you give?…

GIVE selflessly…GIVE without an expectation...

GIVE completely with your heart & soul...

Be professional in giving, nothing personal about it...

then only will you not accrue any karma!


Problems have an expiry date –
Problems come and go in everybody’s life.
Take your mind back to how you were feeling 4 days ago…..
are you feeling the same right now? Feelings change.

They never remain the same. They are not permanent.

Your focusing on them is really just adding
the fuel to the fire and making them last longer.


A birthday is a good day to look back and reflect
on past lessons and gauge where lies Raaga & Dvesha.
Remind yourself that every birthday that passes is
1 year closer to graduation …. 1 year closer to Death.

Promise yourself to rise beyond the bondage of ‘cyclical Birth & Death’.
Gather the courage to fearlessly move towards graduation!
Remind yourself that
I am not the body and only the body dies, I still live.
If I must get out of this circus of samsaara,
I must make an effort to first overcome Raaga/Dvesha and then finally overcome the Fear of Death too.


Doing nothing is hard work!
Up for it?... Meditate!

I won’t lie that Meditation is easy.
But know that, once you master the skill to meditate,
life becomes simple!

Dive into it knowingly… willingly… ardently…
without expectations and learn to spell



The path to your enlightenment will be paved by your degree of
dispassion and equanimity while living in the present moment.

It does NOT matter whether you got married or not,
whether you had children or not, whether you did seva or not,
whether you volunteered to spread spiritual knowledge or not.
All these are at the periphery.

There is only one yardstick to measure spiritual progress.And that yardstick is whether
you attained the skill of equanimity, dispassion and present moment awareness.
If you achieve this, you will achieve enlightenment definitely!
If you miss this, even thousands of years of seva CANNOT bring you enlightenment.
Be very clear that it is NOT the path that is important,it is really your
authenticity on that path and the intensity of your commitment to spiritual knowledge that will get you there.


If you have the thirst for results,
then even a game/play becomes a Karma.

If you do not care for the results,
then even a Karma becomes a game/play.
Thats why Lord Krishna called it Leela!


You must ask questions even if you FEEL that you are challenging me.
It is required for paving your spiritual path dear,
only because you are an intellectual and do not believe in blind faith.

If you were the blind faith kind of person, then it would not be required.
But that is not the case. Answering your questions of ANY kind [obviously related to spirituality] is my job, don't think for me.
You just focus on whether the path is clear for you or not.

If it is not, you can always ask
again and again and again and again
until you see clearly.


Don’t ask whether this is Karma or that is Karma.
Observe carefully - Everything is Karma!
Every minute of the day, you are burning away karmas,
just like a candle is continuously exhausting wax.

If you did not have karmas, you would not be in Body, my dear!


An object may seem beautiful to those eyes that have only learnt to judge and label.

The wise eyes go beyond judgment and learn to JUST BE with what is!

Because whatever is, is bound to lead to Dukkha once labeled as good or bad.

What is, IS!


You are not the mind. You are not the body.
You have a mind. You have a body.
Your mind and body are just your tools.

You are watching the thoughts coming & going in the mind.
You are watching the body experiencing pain or pleasure.

You are not doing anything & you are not experiencing anything.

You are not the doer.
You are just a witness [sakshi] to whatever is happening!


Consciousness is beyond the feeling of 'being' or 'not being',
there is nothing called 'I'.

Every time you say 'I', be aware that you are saying 'I'
for the sake of communication merely.

'I' does not exist.

I am neither the body nor the mind
and the Purusha [spirit] is so all pervading that one cannot address it as 'I'.


Struggling between Adhyatma [spirituality] & Samsara [worldliness]?
Pat yourself on the back! You have reached a transition phase in spirituality
where one encounters this tough stage of dwandva.

Have patience and continue your practice skillfully
dealing with your worldly responsibilities.
Slowly and gradually as desires drop away,
the bondages will also drop away, automatically.
You cannot rush it. You cannot force it. When it happens, it happens.

A time will come when you will find that perfect balance between Adhyatma & Samsaara.
Wait for that stage to bloom.
The only way to get out of this dwandva is to be with it!


A yogi who walks the spiritual path sincerely,
realizes that everything is just 'a play of karma'.

It is all a game of chess.
It doesn't matter on which side of the chess board you are.

You are bound to lose the game. He quits playing.

Have you quit yet?


Always follow your heart dear. Your heart will pave the way for you.
Spirituality is an individual journey. One must pave his own path.

Only if you pave your path, will you actually move ahead and get somewhere.
Someone else cannot pave your path for you. Someone else cannot walk for you.

You must walk alone. As you walk, you will know best,
which stone you need to step on, which stone you need to sit on and relax
and which one you need to skip.

Only your feet can pave your way.
Walk alone - Ekla chalo re!


Observe the first trigger of anger,
calm yourself by breaking away from that event.
Do not interact. Do not react.

Once your are calmer, you will notice that
there was an underlying current of that emotion
already running quietly
at the bottom of the subconscious mind before the event.

Work on that deep current not the superficial wave!


Karma has its own complex mechanism.
Your 'want' creates 'Karmaphalam' in your Karma bag.

Even if the 'want' is for the sake of someone else's benefit,
it does not create 'Karmaphalam' for the other person.

Watch your Karma creation closely.
This knowledge is as intricate as a spiders web!


Remember that YOU are more important
than your own EGO.

So focus entirely on your-SELF.

If you focus 100% on your-SELF in the spiritual path,
you CAN attain the highest and ultimate TRUTH in this lifetime!


It is the ultimate truth that
the thirst of the MIND cannot be quenched by objects/people/situations.

The wise one's mind realizes this TRUTH by its own experience.
The unwise one's mind lacks the courage to accept this truth.

Therefore the wise proclaim that the cause of your misery is your own mind.
The wise STOP running and learn the skill to just BE with what is.
What is, IS!

The only effort is in STOPPING! So learn to STOP.
That is the only address for Mr. Permanent Contentment!


Unpleasant events evoke unpleasant sensations.
Pleasant events evoke pleasant sensations.
Observe the sensations happening in the body.

You react not to the external event/object/person.
You really react to the sensations felt in the body.

1] All events are impermanent/changing constantly.
2] Nobody is responsible for giving you Dukha, but your own mind.
3] Mind only creates internal drama & increases misery for itself.
4] If you can observe the sensations and drop reaction
being a witness, you will have reached the highest Gnyana.

Keep making efforts!


Stop tearing your own application form
by doubting your own self.

When you doubt your own self
you put an obstacle on your own path
and you will not be able to grow spiritually.

If you were not worthy of this beautiful knowledge,
it would not have come to you.

Karma is totally unbiased and fair.
It brings to you exactly what you deserve
not an ounce more, not an ounce less!


May you come to the ultimate knowingness in this very lifetime!
Keep walking…. Keep walking….

However difficult the path may seem to you, cut through the curtain of Maaya!
Keep walking…. Keep walking….

Go deeper into the Knowledge of the SELF, dive deeper into your Meditation!
Keep walking…. Keep walking….

May you experience the silence that YOU are! May you meet your own SELF very soon!
Keep walking…. Keep walking…


Once you attain Self-knowledge, there is nothing left to achieve,
for the entire nature of existence is merely a play
and display of one’s own consciousness.

With Self-knowledge, nothing is challenging, everything is effortless.
Nature is ready to fulfill your intentions even before they arise,
giving you no chance to crave or desire.

Just wake up to the highest Truth!
The Truth is that everything is already happening,
you are not doing!


Observe life as it is!
Not as you want it to BE!
Not as you want it to NOT BE.

When you see life as it is, you will see that everything is Karma.

Every breath of yours is Karma.
Every moment is a flow of Karma into the next moment
into the next moment into the next moment.

This river of life is actually a river of Karma
that is constantly flowing, ceaselessly, effortlessly, automatically.

Come flow with the river!


May you come to your own realization
by your own self-effort!

Because only your own realization
brings in that deep seated FAITH
which can take you higher onto the Spiritual path.
Otherwise you are always going to be at square one.

It totally depends on your self-effort
whether you can go past square one to see the TRUTH as it is.
The choice is yours!

Do you want to be stuck at square one
or do you really want to reach that highest realization?


Many people long for the Divine.
Very few are ready to strive on the path to salvation.
But God is not for sale.
One who strives is the one who attains HIM.

Mind is all over the place? Doesn't matter! Be with it!

Don't make an effort to get rid of anything, that is a Dvesha.
Drop Dvesha by being with what is!

Being with it & not reacting is the key.
Non reaction will make it drop away automatically.
Just like an ignored child stops throwing tantrums and goes away.

Step 1] Have the courage to be with what is.
Step 2] Practice non reaction to what is........
Step 3] Cultivate infinite patience to wait for it to drop away automatically.

Non reaction & Equanimity are the only yardsticks
to measure your progress on the spiritual path.


One must learn to look beyond the Prakriti called
‘body of the Guru’!

Look at that hollow and empty nothingness
that is the Purusha! That is the Being!

That Purusha has become ONE with the Brahman
and is calling out to you to unite with the Brahman too!


The 'mind' creates suffering, not any external agent.

The unwise one is lost in the experiences of the mind
and increases his own suffering.
The wise one learns to disassociate from the pain
regarding it as 'of the body' or 'of the mind'
and therefore he does not suffer.

Remember, 'Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional!'

Drop this identification with the body and mind.
Remind yourself, I am not the body, I am not the mind!

Neti! Neti!


One who knows clearly that
he is merely an instrument of the divine,
never falls into the Maaya of Doership.

Have total confidence that
if something needs to happen through you, it will.
If something does not need to happen through you, it will not.

Operate not from the Prakriti body-mind complex being a Doer.
Instead, operate from the level of the Purusha consciousness
& be a Sakshi/witness.


Today one person has hurt you,
tomorrow someone else will.
You cannot control the entire world dear.

Recognize that the problem is not outside;
it is in your own mind.

You have given the reins of your life
in someone else's hands,
just take them back!

Make the fortress of your mind so strong,
that no one in the world
should have the right to take your smile away!


There is someone higher taking care of it all!
We are all tiny leaves flowing in the current of a river...

The river is HIS... The flow is HIS...
The Karma is HIS... The Karmaphalam is HIS...

"I am nothing, I want nothing and I do nothing!"


Memory of the past creates impressions in the mind.
Whenever the same person/situation/thing reappears,
the impression kicks in and you react!

That repetitive reaction becomes a behavior pattern.
The pattern strengthens and deepens the impression
of the person/situation/thing.

The vicious cycle continues...

Cut the cycle... Drop the past... Be mindful!


Sukkha [Pleasure] & Dukkha [Pain]
are like sugar and lemon juice
in your glass of lemonade,
they cannot be separated.

To get rid of one you will have to drop the other too.
They are a couple that cannot be divorced.

Stop this silly struggle, Drop the lemonade!

Attain Liberation here & now!


Prakriti is the product of Karma.
If Karma exists, Prakriti exists.
If Karma ends, Prakriti ends.

At the same time, it's not mathematically equal on both sides.

Because CAUSE & EFFECT is not the only principle for humans.
FREEWILL gives the equation, the caveat of the ‘not equal’ to sign

…Spiritual Mathematics!


Seeking creates feverishness...
It is a mindless marathon.

The key is in stopping...
in quitting the cyclical drama
and just establishing in the center...



When you give more importance to your OWN SELF,
you will realize how important your OWN TIME for yourself is.
You will realize how little time we have
on this planet, in this body, to work on ourselves spiritually.

The day this dawns on you as self-knowledge,
you will give yourself the utmost priority.

Then spending even a moment of your precious time
to judge someone else will seem like a MASSIVE WASTE of your time.
That day judgements cease automatically
as they are not worthy of your attention or your time!

May you come to that ultimate realization soon!


Focus on the main goal of existence...

Get enlightened in this very lifetime dear!

Nobody knows if there is another opportunity
available again
on the other side of death.


All roads lead to God.

In the end, God will never question you
whether you took this road
or that road to get to him.

Getting to him is essential!

Keep walking!


The waves of Maya are rogue. They come without a warning.

Don't go looking for a life jacket
after you start drowning in Maya,
it's futile.

The wise one always keeps his life jacket ON
to ensure his nose is always above the water.

Be wise!



Niyati - the Principle
& Karma - the teacher,
repeat Life's lessons until we triumph.

Come let's graduate from this School of Life!

Let’s move onto something higher!


Enlightenment is not magic.

It’s a product of
intensity of your commitment to know the Ultimate truth
and your Authenticity in walking the path to reach that Truth

Intensity X Authenticity = Enlightenment

in this very lifetime!


Muster up the courage to walk
into the darkness of uncertainty...

Not thirsting for any external support, With open arms,
ready to face all that Maya can bring your way...

Only then will you have started walking
on the path of Self-knowledge
and Self-knowledge alone will become your strength!

When you thus get established in Gnyana,
Only then, Maya will stop affecting you!


Look beyond the Prakriti,
Look at that hollow and empty nothingness
that is the Purusha, the Being!

Guru has become one with the Brahman
and is calling out to you
to unite with Brahman too!

Happy Guru Poornima

Celebrate the fullness within!


A candle is a combination of
wax and flame
but, without the flame
the candle is just junk.

Similarly, without consciousness
your body is just junk.

In truth you are that flame
that goes from one wax body to another!


Remember however busy your life gets,
There is always room for knowledge,

Because, knowledge is like sugar.
It mixes instantly
without occupying space or time.

Make your life sweet not sour.

Because nobody appreciates sour company...

Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!