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Majjhima Nikaya

  • Division on the Sixfold Base
    (Salayatanavagga - Sutta 143 to 152)

    Sutta 143-Advice in Anathapindika (Anathapindikovada Sutta) Sutta 144-Advice to Channa (Channovada Sutta) Sutta 145-Advice to Punna (Punnovada Sutta) Sutta 146-Advice from Nandaka (Nandakovada Sutta) Sutta 147-The Shorter Discourse of Advice to Rahula (Cularahulovada Sutta)
    Sutta 148-The Six Sets of Six (Chachakka Sutta) Sutta 149-The Great Sixfold Base (Mahasalayatanika Sutta) Sutta 150-To The Nagaravindans (Nagaravindeyya Sutta) Sutta 151-The Purification of Almsfood (Pindapataparisuddhi Sutta) Sutta 152-The Development of the Faculties (Indriyabhavana Sutta)

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