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Samyutta Nikaya

  • The Book of Causation
    (Nidanavagga - SN 12 to 21)

    SN 12-Connected Discourses on Causation (Nidanasamyutta) SN 13-Connected Discourses on the Breakthrough (Abhisamayasamyutta) SN 14-Connected Discourses on Elements (Dhatusamyutta) SN 15-Connected Discourses on Without Discoverable Beginning (Anamataggasamyutta) SN 16-Connected Discourses with Kassapa (Kassapasamyutta)
    SN 17-Connected Discourses on Gains and Honour (Labhasakkarasamyutta) SN 18-Connected Discourses with Rahula (Rahulasamyutta) SN 19-Connected Discourses with Lakkhana (Lakkhanasamyutta) SN 20-Connected Discourses with Similies (Opammasamyutta) SN 21-Connected Discourses with Bhikkus (Bhikkusamyutta)

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