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Samyutta Nikaya

  • The Book of the Aggregates
    (Khandhavagga - SN 22 to 34)

    SN 22-Connected Discourses on the Aggregates (Khandhasamyutta) SN 23-Connected Discourses with Radha (Radhasamyutta) SN 24-Connected Discourses on Views (Ditthisamyutta) SN 25-Connected Discourses on Entering (Okkantisamyutta) SN 26-Connected Discourses on Arising (Uppadasamyutta)
    SN 27-Connected Discourses on Defilements (Kilesasamyutta) SN 28-Connected Discourses with Sariputta (Sariputtasamyutta) SN 29-Connected Discourses on Nagas (Nagasamyutta) SN 30-Connected Discourses on Supannas (Supannasamyutta) SN 31-Connecetd Discourses on Orders of Gandhabbas (Gandhabbakayasamyutta)
    SN 32-Connected Disocurses on Cloud Devas (Valahakasamyutta) SN 33-Connected Discourses with Vacchagotta (Vacchagottasamyutta) SN 34-Connected Discourses on Meditation (Jhanasamyutta)

Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!