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Samyutta Nikaya

  • The Great Book
    (Mahavagga - SN 45 to 56)

    SN 45-Connecetd Discourses on the Path (Maggasamyutta) SN 46-Connected Discourses on the Factors of Enlightenment (Bojjhangasamyutta) SN 47-Connecetd Discourses on the Establishments of Mindfulness (Satipatthanasamyutta) SN 48-Connected Discourses on teh Faculties (Indriyasamyutta) SN 49-Connecetd Discourses on the Right Strivings (Sammappadhanasamyutta)
    SN 50-Connecetd Discourses on the Powers (Balasamyutta) SN 51-Connected Discourses on the Bases for Spiritual Power (Iddhipadasamyutta) SN 52-Connecetd Discourses with Anuruddha (Anuruddhasamyutta) SN 53-Connected Discourses on the Jhanas (Jhanasamyutta) SN 54-Connected Discourses on Breathing (Anapanasamyutta)
    SN 55-Connected Discourses on Stream-Entry (Sotapattisamyutta) SN 56-Connected Discourses on the Truths (Saccasamyutta)

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