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Thank you volunteers for organizing such an amazing course this weekend.Ekta Didi you are a blessing! There is a portion of me that has become you. You are there in my plans,my thoughts,my actions, my decisions and.....the rest of the me? I guess I still need to discover with these takeaway points from the weekend. I cannot use luck as my strategy to be successful and need to take the self effort. The only effort is in stopping the mind.Life is a classroom of karma.I have failed in my last exam (birth) and so I have taken rebirth.How many seconds am I aware of my breath? Awareness is the key!

- Rajashri

Thank you Ektaji. When the word “I” or “my” comes up, there is a very subtle disagreement of some sort. I wish I could say “Alicia thinks..” etc like the Sage Rama ! There is more purpose to meditations now and I have become even more aware of the forces and the law working behind everything.It is important to remember this knowledge session is for us - Karma Yogis who are working in their own inner experience.

- Alicia

I finally see a method of putting together an enormously complex puzzle that I tried to understand without success, having walked away from, ignored and often superficially experimented with - spiritual-time pass. To finally see light at the end of a tunnel is for one to experience. It is not about any person other than ourselves and all of what we have embarked is ultimately about our own personal journey and experience. For someone like me, used to and conditioned by the trappings of this world, overcoming maya and setting forth to find myself is at once exciting and frightening. I'm truly blessed to have the opportunity to learn from you in the knowledge session this weekend. A few petals in this flower are now unravelled!

- Viktor

Thank You Ektaji and all you Yogis! The Bhagavad Gita Karma Yoga session was beautiful. The most important part for me was 'Svadharma' and 'Paradharma'. From childhood I was struggling between listening to my intuition from my own experiences and following the expectations of external factors like people and situations. Thank you for further instilling my faith towards myself! My self confidence is stronger as I have started trusting my Svadharma and not following others opinions. What a relief! Thank You!

- Agnieszka

Thank you for helping me watch this kshethra as I type this note. It truly was a wake up call to shed the old habits of identifying with the body-mind complex. Observing the kshetra has helped me recognize that everything is happening as appearances in my field of awareness. This made me realize that nobody has ever seen me! This Kshethra has now made a decision to practice the saakshi bhav until there is 'no one' left to practice. I am eternally grateful for showing me what I am not...It was wonderful to experience your compassion and love in guiding us. Thank you for reminding me of my true nature - the kshethratnha and pointing me to my true self of formless awareness. You are such a blessing and I bow down in gratitude. Thank You beloved Ektaji and the wonderful seva team.

- Sapna

We all know everything is changing. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, situations, time, job, friends, technology….. In this session I learnt the beauty of change with my sensations, the 5 elements and the conflict between the elements. I experienced my strongest craving on the 1st day before the death kriya. It was wonderful to know the relation between Prakriti, Purusha & Brahma. Like ice, water, & water vapor they are different & yet they are one. However good the session was, we need to keep applying this knowledge in our life to continue to let the light & happiness grow in us. Thank you Ektaji.

- Mahesh

I came all the way from Boston to attend your workshop and felt that every minute was worth the time.I really liked how you patiently answered every question. The workshop was a real eye opener and a wake up call to the way I was living my life.Your emphasis that enlightenment must be our highest mission in life struck a deep resonant chord within me like a university class - Enlightenment 101. I will step up to get into the net level of knowledge series by Ekta Di. This knowledge about oneself and the process of self discovery should be taught along side a traditional college curriculum and be made available to college students across the country.I hope we yogis can keep the flame alive and move towards a common goal of one's enlightenment and bring this knowledge to those of who are seekers or on the path of self realization.

- Shivayogi

Guruji has in so many ways guided us to focus more on ourselves to observe and go inwards. I was very happy to have a wonderful session last weekend where Ektaji encouraged us to go within and showed us the pitfalls and the solutions to overcome them while doing so . We were given a great platform to openly discuss and focus on the inner world as we were taught the detailed yet simple explanation of the coded sutras :) She has clearly showed us what spirituality really is by strengthening the understanding of Abhyasa and the Vruttis or modulations of our mind . I heartily applaud the effort and Abhyasa Ektaji and her team has done ! It is indeed skillful to be able to hold a stick and still make everyone smile and progress. Thank you very much Ektaji for taking out the time and effort to share your knowledge with St Louis !

- Gauri

Thank you for another wonderful, eye opening, revolutionary session which broke so many concepts that this kshetra used to believe. Observing the Kshetra as a knower of the field is an amazing experience. Thank you for holding these many kshetra's hands with so much love to help us cross over to the other shore of this SAMSARA SAGARAM. From now onwards, this Kshetra will make a constant effort to practice applying this ultimate knowledge to experience that untouched and unstained knower II and reach the PARAMAM SHANTI or PARAMATMA field. Saashtaanga Namaskaram!

- Prema

With each session with Ekta, something dies, something becomes alive, something opens up, and something unfolds. That part that dies is the part that fights; fights what is and what is not. The part that becomes alive is the part that was never born. The part that opens up is the part that accepts whatever comes in front of me. The part that unfolds is that rhythm in the chaos in the surroundings.

The experience that I would want to share is the experience that keeps getting deeper and deeper - the experience of surrendering to Ekta, to knowledge, to the force that brought me to Houston. There is a lot to say and a lot to share but words don't have the power of what the experience has.

- Mitesh

Dearest Ektaji, I am currently going through some nerve wrecking issue. During my meditation practice, I am doing 30 minutes of On Namah Shivaya chanting followed by 'pure awareness' and being in the present moment meditation'. For the past few days, this has helped me stay calm and balanced. Today, I experienced inner and outer tingling all over the body. It was such a rejuvenating feeling akin to a sense of boundless expansion into infinity. It was relaxing as well as relieving. A sense of gratitude has overcome me.

- BG

Jai Guru Dev! I have attended several knowledge sessions with Ekta Didi. Each one is unique, even though I was attending through online hangout, I felt like I was there in the room with all of you. Developing the awareness which is sort of overall goal and becoming "Buddhu-yukta", meaning: weighing what you talk and what you think throughout the day under various challenging situations to stay equanimous. When I reflect, I feel that a shift has already happened in me at a subtle level.

The amount of cleansing that happens after each knowledge session is remarkable. Total "RIN Safedi",(a Clorox whitening!) I greatly admire Ektaji for the tremendous level of knowledge, enthusiasm with which she teaches and the sense of belonging she has for each one of us. She holds our hands, so that we all can progress on the path, Sanghachadvam! She ensures no one is being left behind. We are all very blessed to have her. I am looking forward to more knowledge sessions.

- Charu

गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय ।

बलिहारी गुरू आपने गोविन्द दियो बताय ।

Dearest Didi, This was a sloka I could not relate to a few years back, but now really love it. I bow down to you a thousand times! Always be there by my side. Never leave me alone! I love you.

- Neetu

Each time I have attended these knowledge sessions, they make me more grounded and bring in fresh energy :) Though I have attended Bhagawad Gita in the past, at times I feel like I was hearing it for the first time! The more I listen to knowledge, it resonates differently in me each time! Sometimes, I feel Oh! I have heard it before... but honestly the more I hear knowledge, more I begin to apply it in daily life. Application of knowledge happens ONLY when you are 'aware' of what is happening within us and around us, this 'awareness' could be missing unless we keep listening and do 'manana' on what we have heard in the sessions.

- Jayshree

Your presence itself gave a glimpse of what a bigger potential each one of us are blessed with beyond our ego! Thanks for giving me a push on the path. The teaches of Being(Purusha), witnessing happiness, not getting carried over by kapti mind, the realm of Devas, the love of the Master, importance of having him since he alrready did the hard work of paving the path, vastness of prakriti, subtle intricacies of vasanas, karma and last but not the least the POWER of shraddha. I am indebted to you for the knowledge you uncovered in me, in this lifetime. I'm back with more intensity to meditate more and find myself.

- Manoj

I love to attend knowledge sessions by Ektaji. I have attended many of her weekend sessions on google hangout and each time my mind felt more settled and my spirit elevated. She explains the subject with such clarity and simple day to say examples and experiential assignments plus she is so endearing and the group seems to be having so much fun laughing while learning this precious knowledge which she happily gives at no charge. I have felt blessed to have found her and wish to be able to attend one of her sessions in person. It is beyond my understanding that is she can make such an impact on me on hangout, how much that would be in person? I pray and wish for such an opportunity sooner. She is an angel on earth.

- Meena

As the last chapter of Ashtavakra Gita ended, I was able to observe just one feeling which was the overwhelming sense of gratitude towards GURUJI and YOU. Guruji is there for all of us in this path but without teachers like you it can't happen. Registering for Ashtavakra Gita last year was a HAPPENING and NOT DOING :-) I feel blessed.
It made me understand so many concepts which I had carried from childhood which got dropped effortlessly as I was listening to this knowledge. I am able to realize how free and light I am after dropping the weight I was carrying all these years. The challenge is to maintain this state which I can attain by being a Sakshi and coming back to the center. I hope there is no looking back. Thank you Ekta Ji for being there.

- Indhujah

The session was amazing and I have no words to describe it. During one of the processes where we had to be a witness while walking with slow, medium and fast pace, I felt it was an eye opener. I was aware of each and every sensation and vibration of the body and beyond. I had a similar experience during the long kriya. The process is really amazing. I have started practicing the "Vidhayak Chitta" attitude by being a witness. Although it is taking a lot of self effort and struggle,I will continue to practice it.

- Sneha

I am speechless and in an ‘Aahoo..!’ world, completely out of words about what I went through this weekend. I want to thank Guru Dev for whatever knowledge is bestowed to us and of course for giving Ektaji to impart this knowledge.
I will be in a ‘WOW’ mode for some time about what Ektaji mentioned - "You were part of the consciousness and because of your ego and desire to be different, you have landed where you are." I am astounded and wonder if it is true - Nakarathmak Bav, and then the knowledge dawns. Yes I am here because of that "EGO".
Thank you so much for bearing with us and explaining each and every sutra in a layman's term. I have made a firm resolve that I will surrender and ensure that all my Vasana's are recognized and rooted out by always being in Sakshi Bhav mode.

– Prashant. B

We are truly blessed to be led by Ekta Ji. Despite various sources like tapes, videos or books, we missed having a structured approach to attain knowledge. Ektaji’s sessions of weekly Ashtavakra/Patanjali/Narada/Upanishads cleaver interlaced with weekend retreats of Bhagavad Gita, put the cherry on the top of the cake to help absorb knowledge easily.
The great texts have highlighted the key points of 100% awareness in slightly different ways and it is brought forth so beautifully in these sessions. Ektaji helps us systematically progress from building blocks of Raaga and Dwesha all the way to the understanding of Bhraman consciousness. I sincerely thank Ektaji for all she does.

– Srinath

Happy Teachers Day Ekta!!

Thank You for being such a wonderful teacher! The knowledge that you are sharing with us is so precious that I don’t have words to even thank you.. the words do not make justice to what you have given us! Thank you for simplifying things and giving it to us on a platter so that we can begin the journey and reach the destination as well! God bless you!!

- Amruta

Jai Guru Dev Ektaji!
This mindful meditation weekend was of self-experience; it was about the real ME! The meditation at home adter the session felt different from the others.

I felt like a ball of energy and that “ I am NOT the body and I am not the mind”. I have read it in Ashtavakra Gita but feeling it at a bodily level was a totally different experience. When I heard that slowly one loses interest in normal life as dispassion occurs ont his path, I felt good because I was doubting if something was wrong with me.. now I pat myself on the back saying “ You are on the right path, no worries!”

Thank you would be very insufficient to show my gratitude. You are holding our hands and walking along with us and supporting us all the way taking us tolerantly. You are amazing and no words would do justice to describe what you do!

- Prasanna

Jai gurudev,

Immense gratitude for having the fortune to attend karma session by Ektaji. Recognizing the ragas and dveshas gave me an opportunity to introspect and strip the mind to the fullest.

I was observing the sensations when asked by Ektaji to go over ragas and dveshas and only if ready to let go should we take them out of the bag. For a few ragas and dveshas, something inside still wanted to hold on, but I won over some and was able to surrender them to Gurudev.

I felt hollow and empty with a question that arose - Who am I without these ragas and dveshas? Do I have an identity? I have held on strong to leave it unanswered. I know that it shall wither away and with it will whither away the karmic seeds as I practice the 10 vows.

I cannot thank Ektaji and the volunteers enough to put this knowledge on a platter for us to make it our Swabhav Gnyana.

- Deepali


I thank Ekta, the volunteers and the participants for this amazing weekend! Now I understand what it means to be the witness and to be in the present moment.

I can recognize the sensations in my body and I feel more comfortable being with the sensations than being with the thoughts. This is a big step for me as it used to be the other way around. I also realized that I spend far too little time on myself and waste a lot of time on irrelevant people, situations and things. This is going to change although I have a lot of work to do.

I am now motivated to continue walking this path and become stronger than my mind, intellect and ego!

- Lydia


What a wonderful weekend and precious knowledge you have shared with us!!!

The raaga and dvesha process made me easily understand the knowledge session. Your reminder to ask ourselves if we had more raagas and dveshas made me drop what I was holding onto, thinking they were permanent. At the end of the process I could finally let go and felt very light and realised how maya clouds the mind and deep impressions are made. The discourse really helped me to witness each moment and how raagas and dveshas arise.

I will continue to be a witness and be aware of the Purusha that I am. I am grateful for your loving presence and with Guruji's grace I am fortunate enough to receive this knowledge!

- Sagar

Thank you for blessing us with your precious time and knowledge. Thanks to Aditya Ji for the slides which had so much impact. If a thought enters my mind, the relevant images on the slide flash in my mind, followed by the words and the final image that there can never be Shoonyata in a cluttered mind. The thoughts magically vanish without any effort. The pool of consciousness process made me understand the real purpose of my life and I felt like I was born again.

“Direct observation with Saakshi & hundred percent awareness from moment to moment to moment...” These words are now a priority in my life as the tapas starts now. A very difficult tapas which has an inexplicable pleasure in going through the pain.

The only way to express my gratitude is by being a sincere seeker and I promise to be one as my journey back home is being guided by my beloved teacher.

- Soujanya

Jai Gurudev Ektaji,

Every word you said in the three day session was packed with knowledge and explained with simplicity. I have started observing the kapti mind and understanding that my mind is my enemy which functions randomly without directions. I loved the consciousness pool meditation which answered the eternal question - Why was I born?

Guruji has given us all the tools, techniques and knowledge. All we need to do is to use them to attain siddhi. I always knew this, but never realized the value until this session.

Looking forward for more upliftment and bliss with you Ektaji.

- Veena


Like someone else said it best …. YOU ARE A BLESSING!!

Every session with you is like a silence cours , every single time a new layer is removed and I find no words that can describe how inspiring this session was. Taking a step back into Saakshi mode is so crystal clear now!

In eternal gratefulness for all that you do, I bow to you.

- Mila

Jai gurudev,

I was reminded of a strong force of maya and mahati vinashayati which brought me back to the knowledge sessions.

Thank you Guruji, Ektaji and all the transformed beings.

- Kalyan

Jai Gurudev,

I feel very fortunate to be a part of Art Of Living and Ektaji's knowledge sessions. The sessions are very deep and meaningful made very simple to understand and digest to handle our day to day life.

The five steps in Bhagavad Gita - Tathya, Vyakhya, Samarpan I, Sankalpa, and Samarpan II can be applied to any situation or conflict that one faces in life as it is a very simple and practical approach that one can use in everyday situations. When I think of a situation that bothers me, I know that I am not the doer and its the elements and the gunas that are in control. I instantly find a smile on my face. Even if the smile is fake, it still has a calming effect.

Thank you Ektaji and everyone who has worked hard to put together these sessions, without which I would not have had this knowledge.

- Shraddha

Jgd Everyone,

The Bhagwad Gita knowledge weekend was truly enlightening with so many WOW moments and light bulbs flashing! The combination of meditation and knowledge made it a very powerful experience. The Hara meditation made my mind completely tune into Ektaji 's teachings of the shlokas. The Yoga Nidra that we did just before learning the three states of consciousness was awesome because I could relate the experience to the three states.

I have been feeling centered with a sense of deep surrender to Gurudev. We are very blessed to have Ektaji guiding us.
With full gratitude.

- Mangala


The Bhagwad Gita weekend retreat was amazing! I felt refreshed and re-energized. It helped cement the concepts we learnt in the Ashtavakra sessions. I came back with better knowledge on how to face situations in life and how to manage the mind through ups and downs.

Every subsequent time that we listen to knowledge, its meaning becomes deeper and more apparent. The seed is now sown... it remains to be seen how the tree will grow, but with the regular supply of knowledge I am sure it will grow beautifully.

- Rohit

Jai Guru Dev,

Ektaji has a way of imparting this wisdom to us in a simplified manner. The more I listen and understand this knowledge, the easier it gets to stay in awareness and implement it in my daily interactions. There was a sense of lightness and joy, even after the second intense day.

May we prove to be worthy of all the time and effort that Ektaji puts in awakening us. I feel grateful and blessed.

- Reeta

Jai Guru Dev!

It was truly a life-changing experience! Like Ekta says, you will come out of the course as a totally different person or nothing at all. I feel that my perspective has totally shifted after the knowledge session.

I understood and experienced the true meaning of "You are not the doer" after the Upanishads. The simple shift in the consciousness makes you elevated yet deep rooted within the Brahman. There is nothing to worry about, all is taken care of! You just need to act with "Viveka" as the situation demands and rest! Just rest!

My sincere gratitude toward each one of you who made this course so special with awesome energy and a special "Big Thank You" to Ekta for decoding this knowledge for us in such a simple, beautiful way!

- Veda

JGD Ektaji,

Thank you for making me realize & understand what living in the present moment means. After Buddha 2, I’ve been consciously making an effort to be in the present moment. Whenever I’m not, I bring my awareness to my body and every movement I make. I’m becoming aware of my speech and talking less with no extra/unnecessary words.

I’ve realized the key is having awareness at all times in whatever I do. I’m working on my awareness with thoughts. But I see myself dwelling/replaying the past that has happened or keep creating a future that might not happen. This is a cycle/pattern and I catch myself and come back to present moment.

Being in past/future moments is one of the dreams we are living in and we are living in a dream within a dream within a dream..... I feel/see a very "deep" silence or peace existing in the present moment.

Lots of Gratitude

- Sindhu


Thus the journey continues....Ashtavakra to Patanjali to Narada Bhaktisutras. Am I really in control of anything? The devas, elements, doshas and gunas play a significant role. Neither the mind nor the senses are in my control. Drop the Ego! There is no YOU at all! All that is, is ‘The Supreme Divine’! The One Consciousness - The Brahman! And we are all part of it. One Cosmos inside as well as outside. Drop everything and surrender! The Brahman will get you through.

To come to this realization is a huge blessing. These are baby steps of realization and by continuing to be in gyana, meditation and applying this into practice little by little in our everyday lives, we are getting closer and closer.

As I say, the journey continues… with the love and hand holding of Ekta and the grace of Guruji, we will get there. Jai Guru Dev.

- Subbu

Dearest Ektaji,

This past weekend was amazing! Even better was the after-effect of the continuous realization that name, fame, money, job & family are all gifts from devas. The only thing we have as human beings is Love - unlimited, unconditional love and all we have to do is share and spread that.

We fail to recognize the love and become puppets of the suras but once we recognize it, we are already connected to the Brahman. We don't have to die for connecting with the Brahman. When this happens in the human form then the transition must be so blissful.

WOW......This is such a simple truth yet so profound. Definitely an AHO!!!!! Ektaji, it is indeed BEAUTIFUL!!!! Now it is all about keeping it that way :)

- Brinda

As the Upanishad’s say, there is something in us that has not changed at all no matter how old we are. That ‘something’ that has not changed in us is what we all are trying to realize and trying to unite into and become one.Our Ektaji is a true example of –‘Practice what you preach’.There isn’t a thing that Guruji asks us to do, that she hasn’t already done herself. She treats all of us like a family and truly cares about all of us. She always asks us if we are doing kriya, meditation and if we are practicing what we learn here in the real world. When it comes to our spiritual growth she cares more about us than our own family. We are all blessed to have her. Only true way to thank her is by practicing what preaches us. I took the first step to spirituality by joining AOL and I see a lot of steps ahead of me. BUt like the saying goes -ONE STEP AT A TIME, and the journey continues. May Guru Dev bless all of us. JGD

- Harish

JGD Ektaji,

I feel very lucky and grateful to have connected with Ektaji's sessions in the European ashram in Germany. The Bhagavad Gita and Upanishad sessions were extraordinary. Through life's various experiences in Mauritius, United Kingdom and Milan, the knowledge sessions have helped me understand who I am and why I am here!

I am aware of my raagas and dweshas and I can see changes in my behavior in my daily life with this knowledge. I am applying the technique of - Tathya-Vyakhya-Samarpan and Sankalpa. Just with this understanding, I feel very light and free. These techniques are like a sword of knowledge that will help me break out of the circle of sleep (Nidra) into the circle of awakening (Jagriti)!

I feel blessed that I am moving into the depths of my SELF. Thanks to all of you and especially Ektaji.

- Rajiv.B

The week after Bhagwad Gita brought situations where I needed to aplpy the sutras. There came a situation where usually I would burst out, but this time I recognized my emotions and applied the knowledge -"It's not me, it's the 5 elements, 3 gunas and 3 doshas". Immediately the mind calmed down. The realization of one truth breaks everything.

It indeed felt as if I had woken up. In another sitauation, I applied Samarpan. The faith andd surrender helped me move through the conflict peacefully. With continous knowledge, I have noticed that realization breaks the sleep cycle often and awareness and made actions spontaneous. I am so grateful for situations that come up as they give me a chance to apply knowledge. I am blessed!

- Vandana

Jai Guru Dev,

This weekend was definitely revolutionary for me. I have rejuvenated my system and I am able to do kriya regularly now. My goal is to exhaust all my karmas and reach the source. Understanding this knowledge has given me the confidence to keep on giving myself the self-effort!

I had an amazing experience because I was in knowledge, kriya and was in good company. My mind's chatter has stopped quite a lot. The biggest help I received was that I can take all this knowledge and apply it in practical life/reality.

Ekta has inspired me from within and that is what needed to happen. I thank whoever decided to have this course. I cannot wait until next time! Love you all.

- Abhishek

Words cannot express my gratitude for the awesome session. I experienced the death of the "I" and a total sense of emptiness. The path of Gnyana is going to be challenging I have to face the challenges and cross the ocean of samsara by letting go!

Three points struck my mind after the session. 'Neti, Neti' - Not this, not this!, 'Anicca' Nothing is capable of satisfying and that which stimulates the five senses is not worth anything. This need is the cause of Dukkha. Lastly, 'Aniketh'- Non attachment to the body can lead me to being 'Santushth' ie content even in Dukkha.

Over the past few years, dispassion has happened to the material and in this weekend there was a realization that dispassion is needed in relationships and expectations. Please bless me to be strongly committed to "Saral marg". Love and gratitude!

- Mridula

Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!