Yoga Vasishtha

YogaVasishtha, one of the longest Sanskrit scriptures, is a conversation between Vasistha, the enlightened sage and Prince Rama, a seeker of liberation. The traditional belief is that reading this book leads to spiritual liberation only for one who is ready to receive the highest spiritual knowledge.

Four characteristics mark someone who is ready for a spiritual journey:

  • One who senses the difference between matter and spirit.
  • One who is making an attempt to drop cravings and is naturally developing dispassion towards people/situations/things.
  • One who has Sama (equanimity), Dama (mastery over senses), Uparati (quiescence), Titiksha (endurance), Samadhana (contentment) and Shraddha (faith).
  • One who has Mumukshatawa (longing for liberation).

Do you find these characteristics developing in you? If yes, you are eligible to start the beautiful journey along with Prince Rama.

Curriculum Details:
Semester 01: Pages 1 to Pages 61
Semester 02: Pages 62 to Pages 117
Semester 03: Pages 122 to Pages 175
Semester 04: Pages 180 to Pages 224
Semester 05: Pages 224 to Pages 249
Semester 06: Pages 250 to Pages 296
Semester 07: Pages 297 to Pages 332
Semester 08: Pages 333 to Pages 366

Every semester ends with an examination. There is NO grading/NO scoring/NO marking for the exams. It is merely a self-assessment.

It helps you recognize your own spiritual progress. For more details refer to FAQ's. At the end of the final semester, a certificate of completion is provided.

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