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Essence of Gnyana Sangha

Who am I?
Where are these thoughts coming from?
What is the mind?
Is it controlling me or am I in control?

Have you ever thought on these lines? May be not! Why?

Immersed in day to day activities, seeking endlessly, trying to get to our 'dream destination', running a blind race that never reaches the goal post, we miss out on LIFE!

Tired of this race yet? Developed a desire to stop to find your true self? If yes, then you qualify to join us in the journey to Self-Realization!

Traveling on a paved road or a dirt road, along the river bank or along the cliff-side, one can ascend a mountain. Similarly, Vedic, Buddha’s or Non-Dual paths all lead to the same Truth. Open-mindedness in exploring before adopting the appropriate path is hence essential.

Not suited for those interested in philosophy, psychology, new-age techniques, old ritualistic traditions or mere literary pleasure; this method has a higher motive.

Attainment of the state of NO-MIND i.e. a mind devoid of craving is the sole purpose

AWARENESS will be your only tool; SELF-EXPERIENCE your only device; BEING WITH REALITY the only process; FINDING YOUR OWN TRUTH devoid of external influence, will be your only goal.

Are you ready?