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Individual Mentorship

In any spiritual tradition, seekers resolve their doubts by directly asking questions to the spiritual mentor. This speeds up the process of understanding the spiritual concepts and enhances the spiritual journey of the seeker as he moves towards Awakening.

P.S. This is not a psychotherapy session nor an avenue to solve worldly matters. Ensure that you approach the mentor with questions pertaining to your ‘spiritual journey towards Awakening’ only.

Please follow below Steps:

Step 1 ] Please read the Gnyana Sangha Home page slowly & carefully -

Step 2 ] Please answer the question asked on the Gnyana Sangha home page briefly here:

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Step 3] Please list your questions here in the following text box for Ekta:

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Step 4] Understand what is a One-on-One personal Mentorship:

Who are personal spiritual mentorships for?
Please be mindful that personal mentorships are only for extremely sincere spiritual seekers looking for nothing short of 'Spiritual Awakening/Enlightenment'.

Who are personal spiritual mentorships not for?
Personal mentorships are NOT for people who are looking for:
  • temporary relaxation mental techniques or
  • solving relationship or personal problems
  • general chit-chat session
  • get over health issues
  • or for testing the teacher's knowledge.

P.S. You can test the teacher by watching the Advaita I & II videos which were all live sessions missed by you in early 2020. Once you make a decision to walk the path with the teacher, then only must you enroll for personal spiritual mentorship.

In order to qualify for personal spiritual mentorship, please follow below:
  • Enroll and start watching Advaita level-1 videos[22] on the website - Click Here
  • Do your Homework sincerely after every video.
  • Take the quiz after every video.
  • Enroll and start watching Advaita level-2 videos on the website.
  • Do your Homework sincerely after every video.
  • Take the quiz after every video.
  • When you complete the 22 videos of level-1 & 6 videos of level-2 with HW and quiz and optional exams, you qualify for Advaita level-3.
  • Watch the 44 vows recommended by the Buddha for spiritual seekers - Click Here
  • Take some vows to help your spiritual journey and then reply to this email saying that you have completed levels 1 & 2 on the website.
  • Your Video progress will be checked and verified by the website volunteer as recorded by the website. Depending on your progress, you will be provided a time slot for scheduling a personal mentorship [one-on-one].

Important notes:
The teacher has loads of mentorship sessions lined up months in advance. Thus only qualified and sincere spiritual seekers are permitted.

Please be informed that the teacher does not charge any fees, so there is a need for tight pre-requisites and qualifications. Please respect the process with honesty and integrity.

The path of Advaita Vedanta is the path of Self-Study & Self-Research. Nothing short of sincere introspection, self-inquiry, self-exploration, and experiential understanding [not intellectual merely] will do.

Are you ready for a Self-Research Project?

Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!