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Welcome To Gnyana Sangha

A spiritual guide for every being that strives to KNOW oneself.
Come, set up an appointment with yourself...

Who am I?
Where are these thoughts coming from?
What is the mind?
Is it controlling me or am I in control?

Have you ever thought on these lines? May be not! Why?

Immersed in day to day activities, seeking endlessly, trying to get to our 'dream destination', running a blind race that never reaches the goal post, we miss out on LIFE!

Tired of this race yet?
Developed a desire to stop to find your true self?
If yes, then you qualify to join us in the journey to Self-Realization!

Traveling on a paved road or a dirt road, along the river bank or along the cliff-side, one can ascend a mountain. Similarly, Vedic, Buddha’s or Non-Dual paths all lead to the same Truth. Open-mindedness in exploring before adopting the appropriate path is hence essential.

Not suited for those interested in philosophy, psychology, new-age techniques, old ritualistic traditions or mere literary pleasure; this method has a higher motive.

Attainment of the state of NO-MIND i.e. a mind devoid of craving is the sole purpose.

AWARENESS will be your only tool; SELF-EXPERIENCE your only device; BEING WITH REALITY the only process; FINDING YOUR OWN TRUTH devoid of external influence, will be your only goal.

Are you ready?

Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!