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ALL roads lead HOME!

All Enlightened Masters speak of the same TRUTH.
Restricting oneself by caste, religion, ethnicity, race, organization or scripture, will not serve the spiritual seeker whose end goal is nothing else but Enlightenment.

The founders of today’s religions did not start teaching the path to Enlightenment with a desire of starting a sect, an organization or a religion.

Jesus did not start Christ-‘ianity’.
Buddha did not start Buddh-‘ism’.
Same for all other spiritual masters.

Overflowing with Love for the Supreme Truth, their words became testimonies recorded as scriptures.
Every testimony echoes: Realize the ‘ONENESS’ in all beings.

Raw minds unable to grasp the highest Truth dilute the teachings with beliefs, ideas, concepts, dogmas, rites, and rituals. People with similar beliefs and ideas gather together to form a sect thus creating a divide.
The divide is the product of an unenlightened mind.

Divide brings up the duality of:
‘I’ and ‘You’,
‘my path’ and ‘your path’,
‘my Guru’ and ‘your Guru’,
‘my religion’ and ‘your religion’
‘my God’ and ‘your God’.

Refrain from entertaining these dualities as all humans are the offspring of one single source… one consciousness… one awareness… one supreme energy… one God.
The source is the same. If you miss the source, you miss Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the recognition of the pure state of your own Being.
where there is no duality,
where there is no ‘I’,
where there is no ‘You’,
where there is no ‘My Guru’ and ‘Your Guru’,
where there is no ‘My God’ and ‘Your God’,
where there is no Christian, no Muslim, no Hindu, no Jew, no Sikh,
where there are no BOUNDARIES!

I speak only what I know.
Away from philosophy, closer to my experience is the dissolution of the boundaries built by humanity.
If I teach the Buddha’s path, that does not make me a Buddhist.
Teaching the Yogasutras does not make me a Hindu.
Teaching Guru Nanak’s path does not make me a Sikh.
Teaching Kabir’s path does not make me a Muslim.
Teaching Ramana’s Maharshi’s path does not make me an ‘Independent’.
Similarly, learning Buddha, Patanjali, Ramana, Guru Nanak’s and Kabir’s teachings does not make you a Buddhist, Sikh, Independent, Muslim or Hindu.

The essence of all the ‘precious words’ of all the enlightened masters of yesteryears is the same - ONENESS
For those whose end goal is not Enlightenment, this path may not be applicable.

What’s your goal?

Leave your mind alone, it will quieten itself! Meditate!